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Modelplast was founded in 1969 starting its business producing models for foundries.

At the end of the 70’s Modelplast expanded its range of workings by adding the production of moulds as well as machined tools for several moulding techniques including thermoforming, rotational moulding, blow moulding and polyurethane injection.


We operate in a wide range of industries including automotive, motor caravan, bathroom furnishing and sanitary fitting, furniture and design, medical sector, cleaning and alternative energy.

Our forty years of experience enables us to ensure reliability and precision, thanks to which we are able to offer the highest degree of adaptability and flexibility in finding solutions for our Customers.


Thanks to our highly skilled staff as well as to the expertise and reliability that have always distinguished our company, we supply and develop any project, aiming to improve the end-result, ensuring the best quality/price ratio.


Our strengths:

  • Expertise and precision

  • Flexibility

  • Fast lead time

  • Best quality/price ratio​

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